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Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Detour: American League Predictions

Welcome again to the Friday Detour. The weekly entry that diverts away from recreational sports to discuss happenings in other areas of the sporting world. Several Fridays ago, I posted my 2009 National League predictions, and now am following up with my 2009 American League predictions. Lots has happened in the AL this off-season, and most of it has revolved around the New York Yankees. From the $500M signings, to the A-Rod circus, this off-season has been anything but dull.

With that said, below are my preseason predictions for the American League.
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Generally thought of as a two team division, the Tampa Bays Rays took the baseball world by surprise last year by winning this pennant. With loads of talent, and bottomless pocketbooks, I don't foresee the Rays hanging another banner from the rafters this year.

Boston Red Sox – Boston has the pitching, fielding and hitting to again be a World Series contender.

Tampa Bay Rays – The young nucleus returns in Tampa, but will lose a few more games this year and narrowly miss the Wild Card.

New York Yankees – Until a month ago, the biggest question for the Yanks was whether their half-billion dollar acquisitions could vault them above the Rays and Sox. Now the biggest question is A-Rod's hip. An injured A-Rod gives the Yanks no shot at the division.

Baltimore Orioles – Baltimore is another solid team, but you need to be more than just solid to win the AL East.

Toronto Blue Jays – See Baltimore.


Cleveland was supposed to run away with the division last year, but ended up .500. This year they will make a play for the pennant.

Cleveland Indians– The Indians disappointed fans last year after a 97 win 2008. In a hard fought battle, they will bring the fans what they were hoping for last year.

Detroit Tigers – The odds on favorite to win the AL Central in 2008, the Tigers finished 14 games under .500. This year will be different.

Chicago White Sox – Obama's team narrowly won the pennant last year, but this year it is back to .500 ball.

Minnesota Twins – The Twins are always contenders, and this year will be no different, as they will be come in fourth in the division yet only be 8 games out of first.

Kansas City Royals – The Royals need help everywhere.


The Angles won the division by 21 games last year. They will have a more difficult run of it this year, but still capture the division.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim– The Angles were and are the class of the division.

Oakland Athletics – Jason Giambi and Matt Holiday will ad more punch to the A's line-up but not quite enough to win the division.

Texas Rangers – The Rsngers need help and might get it next year.

Seattle Mariners – Ken Griffey Jr will ensure that Seattle will not match their 101 losses of 2008. They will end up with 91 losses.

AL MVP: Magglio Ordonez – Put up great numbers last year, and with Detroit competitive again, he will garner more press.

AL Cy Young: Roy Halladay – The native Coloradoan is just un-hittable.

Wild Card – Detroit Tigers

Playoffs Predictions
ALDS: BoSox over Tigers
ALDS: Indians over Angels

ALCS: Indians over BoSox

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Keep sporting!
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