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Thursday, January 8, 2009

What NOT To Do Before You Go Skiing

So yesterday was one of the most active days my body has seen in quite some time. And I couldn’t have selected a worse day to abuse my body.

I started the day with a session with my personal trainer, one in which we focused on legs. Every time we do a leg routine I ache for a week, and yesterday was no different. Squats and leg presses were the worst of it, and it didn’t help that we did leg lifts as well. Keep in mind that prior to the workout, I had cycled 10 or so miles on a stationary bike to get my blood flowing.

I was wrecked.

Fast forward to the evening. I had a 7:30 PM hoops game in my recreational basketball league that I was pretty amped for. Looking over the other team’s schedule and results on the Who’s In First online league management system, this seemed like a game we could win. Initially we were in the game and kept it close by using our height to our advantage. But, alas, in the end to the victors go the spoils and the other team played spoiler.

As I was leaving the court, a buddy from another team flagged me down and asked to help sub in for their game, as they were short a few guys. I agreed and off I went into another 40 minutes of basketball. Luckily, this game turned out to be in our favor, even after an early 14-4 deficit. As the final buzzer sounded, I was wiped out and heading down to the locker room to change when I got roped into a pick-up game. Up and down the court we flew, all with weary sea legs. I again, lost, and this time not only the game but also all feeling in my legs.

So tonight I am heading up to Vail to ski tomorrow and my legs are SHOT. It will be interesting to see how they hold up as I slosh through the snow.

This whole experience has taught me a valuable lesson. Working out is fine. Playing 3 hours of hoops is fine. The combination of the two may waste an otherwise perfectly good ski day.

Keep sporting!
- Who’s In First

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