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Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Detour: Super Bowl Weekend

In two days fans and non-fans alike will converge in someone’s living room to watch the greatest American spectacle. Everyone will be quiet and anxious energy will fill the room.

Kick off? Game winning field goal attempt? Fourth quarter drive?

No. Super Bowl Ads.

Under no other circumstances will you find people, even die hard sports fans, sitting through the commercials and getting beer and nachos during the game. Under no other circumstances will you find non-sports fans intently watching a sporting event than you will when the Super Bowl Ads start running.

And why not? Advertisers relish this moment. They know the world is watching and they know that there won’t be anybody Fast Forwarding their TiVO or DVR through these commercials. This is their, well, Super Bowl.

Monday morning it won’t be difficult to find ratings on all the Super Bowl Ads. They will be prevalent on YouTube and throughout the Blogosphere. You will not be able to attend a meeting without someone asking you about the commercials.

The game? You may have some conversations with some big football fans about what they thought of certain plays or the game as a whole. But if you are trying to find an in to talk to some of your superiors, the ads may be the way to go.

At $3M per 30-second commercial, you can expect some of the best commercials of the year to debut. A quick review of some of the all time best Super Bowl commercials will show you just how impactful they may be (in no particular order and with links to see them again).
So on Sunday, it is perfectly fine to find yourself sitting through the ads and grabbing a second helping of wings as the ball is being snapped.

Keep sporting!
- Who’s In First

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